Project Goals

These are the goals of the project as a whole. These goals can be acheived independantly of the personal goals I have set myself below.

  • Implement ful standard VNC View functionality.
  • Implement VNC Server functionality within Mac OS X.
  • Implement both of the above using Cocoa.
  • Take advantage of the abilities this (Cocoa) provides for UI improvements:
    • Use of sheets throughout.
    • User definable tranparency.
    • Individual user level application preferences.
  • Use Cocoa to provide true Mac OS X native functionality:
    • Provide services relating to VNC.
    • Provide Apple Script access to Cocoa VNC.

Personal Goals

As I envisage this project as (at least to start with) as being developed by myself alone I am going to assign some personal goals relating to this project. These goals relate to the reasons that I have started this project.

  • Learn to program using Objecive C.
  • Learn to use the Cocoa APIs.
  • Produce clean well designed code.
  • Return something to the comunity :-)